Ladies!  This magical thing happens when you turn 30 (hint, it’s not wrinkles).  That feeling of caring what other people think about you starts to disappear!  And you get to say things like ‘I love the Backstreet Boys’…and not because you’re trying to sound cute or ironic or capitalise on 90s nostalgia.  But because you spent a good portion of your life thinking Nick Carter was an actual god and you still rock out to ‘I Want it That Way’ after a crappy day at work.

So here I am.  The unashamed, unfiltered me.

I am suddenly thirty, living in Brissie, Australia with my crazy cat Nacho and my fiancé Jim Jam (who thinks he can speak cat).  I credit my relationship with Jim Jam to romance novels – who made me hold out hope for ‘the one’ – and a bit of divine match-making!  Seriously, read it here.

I love to write NA fiction and my debut novel Juliet and Romeo will be out in time for Christmas on Kindle.  I have been writing stories since I was very young and will probably still be writing them when I am very old.  My ultimate goal is to pull off a novel about time-traveling, shape-shifting, psychic twins who are trying to save the world from an alien invasion.  I figure that way I can squeeze all my favourite genres into one.  You guys, I’ve got shotgun on that plot.

Oh yeah, and I’m an optimistic historian with a touch of anxiety.  So it means I like to live in the past and I’m super-worried about the future…although I’m sure it’ll all work out fine in the end.


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